POLL: Do you think Hartlepool’s schools should face further cuts?

Do you think this is the right decision?
Do you think this is the right decision?
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We have reported that schools in some of the most deprived areas of Hartlepool face having their budgets cut to fall in with government policy.

But do you think this is the right decision?

A new national funding formula for all schools is expected to come to fruition in the coming years – and the town’s children’s services committee has agreed to reduce the proportion of schools’ budget allocated on the basis of deprivation.

Hartlepool has a greater proportion of this funding (15%) comparable to other council areas in the region, including South Tyneside and Sunderland.

But it has been said that reducing the figure would help schools manage their finances for when a new formula comes into force.

Do you think this is the correct move?

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