ELECTIONS 2014: Candidates in the Seaton ward of Hartlepool

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AS part of the Mail’s 2014 local elections coverage, we will be focusing on all 11 wards in Hartlepool where seats are up for grabs.

The Mail will be profiling the 49 candidates who want your vote and examining the issues that are affecting local residents ahead of the election on Thursday, May 22.

Our coverage continues with the Seaton Ward

Tom Hind (UKIP)

“I was born and brought up in Hartlepool and I, like yourselves, have seen many changes.

“Seaton has had its fair share of changes over the years and not all have been welcome.

“I have a good grasp of local knowledge and issues, as well as experience as a councillor in County Durham.

“My party UKIP has selected me to be your candidate for Seaton, I am proud to do so.

“UKIP as a party not only has a national identity, a manifesto and MEPs but those at local level like myself are very much focused on local issues.

“I have been made aware by our MEPs that the EU have declared the sea water quality at Seaton unsafe to health and will enforce this directive next year.

“If elected I will reject this EU directive.

“Vote Tom Hind UKIP and make your votes count.”

Sue Little (Independent)

“I am standing as an independent candidate, having no loyalties to any political party, I’m ‘Free’ to vote for the benefit of Seaton ward.

“I was born and brought up and still live in Seaton a true Seatonian.

“During this time I have seen many changes, some good and some bad.

“First and foremost if I was elected I would put the residents of Seaton ward first. During my campaign a general issue, that resident are concerned with the landfills. Many residents have already put questions forward to me regarding the landfills, which I am willing to battle with.

“Other issues I want to address are the empty shops/buildings on the sea front. I will try and encourage more business to Seaton in order to restore its full reputation as a popular seaside resort, which would hopefully bring employment to our town.

“I’ll be proud to represent Seaton ward residents.”

Shay Miah (Labour)

“Working in Seaton I have a huge sense of pride in our community. I want to be Seaton’s voice on the council, continuing the investment the new council administration has devoted to Seaton.

“As a member of Youth Parliament I have experience to be your bold, courageous, innovative councillor who champions change.

“If voters elect me I will join a team at the council who have already earmarked the blight of the Longscar Centre for demolition as well as looking for the long term solution of landfill by working collaboratively with public health and the Environment Agency.

“I want to be the people’s choice May 22 and bring a fresh vibrancy to the council.

“Many candidates promise much but deliver nothing.

“I am devoted to Seaton and firmly believe I can make a difference. Please place your trust in me on election day.

“Have your Say – Vote for Shay.”

Graeme Measor (Putting Hartlepool First)

“I have lived in Seaton for over 10 years and am a registered nurse, previously working at our hospital.

“Both my children attend Seaton Holy Trinity School, of which I am a parent governor.

“I am an active member of the Seaton Carew community, being secretary of the Friends of Seaton Park group who are striving to improve our park environment.

“From talking to the people of Seaton, I recognise that local politics should be about people, and the good of the community.

“Decisions should be made on a common sense basis without the prejudice of political allegiance.

“Seaton Carew has its own issues: landfills, Longscar Centre, air quality, dog dirt, potholes, street lighting, and services under threat.

“It is vital that we have someone who has Seaton’s interests and long term prospects at heart.

“If given the opportunity I will do all that I can to fulfil that promise.”

Jayne Wells (Conservatives)

“I am excited to be representing local conservatives in the elections, if elected I promise to continue with our local conservative practice by never claiming expenses.

“I will also pledge to work along side the main political group for the best interests of our ward.

“Local Conservatives have a proven track record of working together for the good of our town.”