Everest dream is over

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HARTLEPOOL mountain climber Ellis Stewart’s dream to reach the top of the world has been dashed.

Ellis’ bid to climb Mount Everest has ended after 16 Sherpas died in an avalanche and that led to growing tensions between the guides and the Nepalese Government.

Dad-of-two Ellis, 40, from the Bishop Cuthbert area of the town, wrote in his latest update on his Facebook page: “So I am on my way home. The climb is over.

“I am sorry the dream never materialised folks. I felt strong and I would have given it my all.

“I am just looking forward to getting home now and seeing my beautiful family who have supported me every step of the way.”

The leisure clothing businessman added: “There where quite frankly too many political undertones at play which I confess to not fully understanding.

“I am devastated beyond belief, but I am a big believer in time being a great healer.

“My Everest Dream is now over, but the summit would only of been a bonus.

“I have lived an epic adventure and I feel I truly lived a dream regardless.

“Thanks for all the support over the past few years.”

He was set to travel to Namche where was set to stay for a few days before dropping to Lukla and then onwards to Kathmandu.

The avalanche happened on Friday, April 18, hitting an area at around in the Khumbu Icefall.

Ellis was quick to report to his followers that he was okay after the avalanche, off the west shoulder of Everest, which involved Sherpas who had been working to carry loads to points on Camps 1 and 2 on the mountain.