Family’s run in with rare fish

Cuckoo Ray fish
Cuckoo Ray fish

A FAMILY came across an unusual visitor to Seaton Carew in the shape of this Cuckoo Ray fish.

The Turnbull family stumbled upon the spiky-backed flat fish when they were walking among the rock pools.

The fish is normally found off the north west of Scotland and occasionally on the south west coast of England.

They are also not normally seen on the sea shore but live on the bottom of the seabed up to 655 feet down.

It was seen by David and Jennifer Turnbull who were walking their dogs on the beach with their three children, Thomas, 10, Alexander, nine, and seven-year-old Mary.

David, 42, warned his family not to touch the Cuckoo Ray has it had a line of spikes along its back.

The cable installation supervisor, of Wingate, said: “They are very a rare catch from the shore as they prefer deep water and usually do not come within range of anglers so we were extremely lucky to see one.

“My wife and the kids saw it first but it wasn’t until I looked it up when I got home that I found out exactly what it was.

“All I could see at first was its gills moving. I touched it with my foot and it swam off.”