Family’s terror at fireworks attack

(left to right) James De-Cort, Adam Ahmed and Jillian Holden in their Hooper Terrace home. Picture by FRANK REID
(left to right) James De-Cort, Adam Ahmed and Jillian Holden in their Hooper Terrace home. Picture by FRANK REID

A TERRIFIED family were subject to a “four-minute living nightmare” as dozens of fireworks were fired through their front window.

A frightened mum dragged her screaming son to safety as the living room exploded and lit up during a disgusting unprovoked attack.

One of the fireworks was just millimeters from hitting the youngster in the eye as it “flew” through the room.

Jillian Holden, 44, admitted she feared for the lives of herself, her son Adam, seven, and her partner James De-Cort, 32, as they scrambled out of the room to escape.

Just minutes earlier they had been sat watching television together when the window suddenly smashed and fireworks were launched into their home.

She described the horror as she realised what was going on and questioned how anyone can put a family through such a frightening ordeal.

“There was a point where I honestly thought we weren’t going to get out,” said Jill, an unemployed mum of Adam, Lee Burt, 14, and Kelly Bradley, 22.

Durham Police have condemned the attack, which took place in Hopper Terrace, in Shotton Colliery, at around 7.40pm on Friday, and have asked any witnesses to come forward.

Jillian added: “We were just sat watching the television and all at once the window is smashed and these fireworks just started exploding everywhere.

“I dragged Adam out, but I couldn’t see James anywhere because of all of the smoke, I shouted him, but he wasn’t responding, I was fearing the very worst.”

Jillian, who has suffered two heart attacks and a number of strokes in the past, is also a grandmother of Hannah Farmer, three, and 11-month-old Brooke Farmer.

She said she normally looks after Brooke on a Friday night and the pram which the youngster would have been sat in was left showered with glass after the window was smashed.

“It could have been even worse,” added Jillian.

“What if Brooke was here? It could have killed her.

“My health isn’t brilliant at the best of time so something like this could be fatal for me as well.

“I haven’t slept a wink since, all I’m thinking about is that moment where they started exploding in the living room.”

After the frightening ordeal Jillian said James went outside to see if he could see anybody who may have committed the terrible act.

There was nobody in sight but he did find a box of 600 fireworks outside the front garden.

A Durham Police spokesman said: “We received reports from a lady of fireworks being smashed through her window.

“We attended and seized the fireworks.

“No medical assistance was required for the family.”

Any witnesses who saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area at around 7.30pm on Friday evening is asked to call Durham Police on 0345 6060365.