Final council tax bills set to be confirmed for Hartlepool residents

Chris Little
Chris Little

FINAL council tax bills for the next 12-months are set to be confirmed when councillors meet later this week.

Hartlepool Borough Council had already agreed to freeze its element of the council tax bill as part of the £4m budget proposals agreed recently by councillors.

But the final bills for 2014-15 will now be finalised on Thursday night at a meeting of the full council, where the Cleveland Police and Cleveland Fire precepts and parish precepts will be confirmed.

While the local authority has agreed to freeze its element for the fourth successive year, both the fire and police have agreed percentage rises so residents will see a small rise in their bills when they drop through the letterboxes.

If the plans are agreed, the annual bill for a Band A property without a parish council will be £1,126.66, for a Band B property £1,314.44 and £1,689.99 for a Band D property.

Earlier this month, councillors met to agree the final budget plans which saw £4m cut from the budget with 27 compulsory redundancies and 33 voluntary redundancies, although some of those posts were already vacant.

Chris Little, the council’s chief finance officer, said in a report: “In accordance with statutory requirements the council now needs to approve the overall Council Tax, inclusive of precepts set by the Fire Authority, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Parish Councils.”

Mr Little added: “The Fire Authority set its precept on February 14 and a 1.9 per cent increase in its council tax for 2014-15 was approved.

“The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Precept and Council Tax for 2014-15 recommended by the Police and Crime Commissioner was set on February 5 and is an increase of 1.997 per cent.

“The council tax bills for Hartlepool residents will clearly show that Hartlepool Council froze its own tax and will show the relevant percentage increases for the Fire Authority and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.”

The setting of the overall council tax level is a statutory function, which brings together the individual council tax levels determined by Hartlepool Council, Cleveland Fire Authority, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Parish councils.

The full council meets on Thursday at 7pm.