Former ‘trolley dolley’ organising 25-year anniversary High Tunstall school reunion

Mandy Rankin (nee Smith's) form class with tutor Mr Whittingham
Mandy Rankin (nee Smith's) form class with tutor Mr Whittingham

A FORMER ‘trolley dolley’ who is now a stay-at-home-mum is organising a 25-year anniversary school reunion.

Mandy Rankin (nee Smith) is planning a get-together for High Tunstall School’s Class of 1989.

It will take place at The Pearl Bar, in The Grand Hotel, in Swainson Street, Hartlepool, from 7pm on Saturday, June 28.

Mandy, 40, left Hartlepool around 18 years ago and has been travelling the world as one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic air hostesses.

She is now a stay-at-home mum to two-year-old Sophia, married to Glenn and based in Crawley, West Sussex.

Mandy has written a book, called Cabin Fever, which is Cosmopolitan magazine’s Book of the Month and features tales of her travels and even dating millionaires and billionaires.

Now she is organising the reunion and hopes to regain contact with her former schoolpals.

Mandy said a Facebook page set up to promote the event attracted around 60 people “overnight”, but she would hate for anyone to miss out.

Mandy, who grew up in the West Park area and whose parents Mick and Ed Smith now live in Horsham, also in West Sussex, said: “I’m still in touch with all my best friends from school and Claire Swinney, who is now a grandma and still lives in Hartlepool, is going to the reunion, as are Hayley Fulton (nee Smith), John Gate, Simon Corbett and Jonathan Tones.”

Mandy added that teachers are also welcome. To find out more visit