Fresh calls for Hartlepool councillor to resign

Angie Wilcox.
Angie Wilcox.

FRESH calls have been made for a councillor to resign after it emerged the community group she runs had paid a worker less than the minimum wage.

An industrial tribunal heard that Manor Residents’ Association, run by Labour councillor Angie Wilcox, had paid worker Lynda Gooding less than the national wage, and sometimes no wages at all.

Geoff Lilley, leader of the Putting Hartlepool First group, has now called for Coun Wilcox to step down.

He said: “I just can’t see how it is possible to reconcile the Labour Party’s supposed position on the minimum wage, with the actions of this particular councillor. It is the height of hypocrisy.

“There are no possible grounds for appeal. An employer either pays at or above the minimum wage or they don’t. In the case of Manor Residents, they clearly didn’t and for several weeks they didn’t pay Mrs Gooding anything at all.

“The very thought of an appeal is nonsense.

“Councillor Wilcox should resign and the remaining management committee and trustees should then concentrate their efforts on paying compensation as the court has instructed and not on wasting even more money on legal fees.”