Goffy's own Brand of radio wind-ups

AS the radio row over Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross continues, a former presenter is preparing another assault on the charts with his own brand of telephone wind-ups.

Brand and Ross found themselves in hot water earlier this week after leaving some inappropriate messages on the answerphone of veteran TV actor Andrew Sachs, with the row even reaching the House of Commons.

Former DJ Paul "Goffy" Gough, who hails from Hartlepool, had more than his fair share of complaints over some of his famous wind-ups, though the vast majority were from some of his victims rather than the nation's top politicians.

Gough, who now runs his own PR firm – Goffy Media – after moving out of the broadcasting sector, made the art of wind-ups his own with a string of pranks in his early-morning shows.

He said: "It seems as though prank calls on the radio are the main topic of conversation at the moment after the BBC incident.

"I had a fair few warnings myself from the radio authorities after some of the wind-ups went a bit over the top. It's a real shame that Ross and Brand have put another nail in the coffin of personality radio, the prank call they made will have a huge effect on future radio calls and presenters will now face huge restrictions before picking up a phone."

Gough and former colleagues from Century FM, TFM and Metro FM took a trip down memory lane this week to get back in the studio and put together a new CD, which is a compilation of some of the best wind-ups ever heard on the airwaves.

His latest CD is Goffy's fourth release and having knocked The Beatles off the top of the charts with his last effort, he is confident of another best-seller in the pre-Christmas market.

He added: "It was great fun meeting up with the old team again to put together the compilation. It brought back a lot of happy memories.

"I'm really enjoying work in the PR sector now, and don't regret leaving radio after more than 25 years in the game, but it was nice to get back into it as a one-off."

Hartlepool restaurateur Krimo Bouabda and John Breward, formerly of Hartlepool United's commercial team, are among the victims to have been wound up by the one-time radio personality.