Gran’s appeal for lost documents

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A CONCERNED grandmother is appealing for help finding some of her late father’s sentimental documents after she lost them while out walking.

Jean Sutherland, 68, was planning to take her dad’s old apprenticeship and air raid warden documents to the archives in Hartlepool’s Central Library after reading a library appeal.

Jean’s dad, Henry Robertson, sadly died last year aged 90, but the mum-of-two and grandmother-of-three still had his very first apprenticeship documents from 1930 and files from when he served as an air raid warden during the Second World War.

But on her way to the library, Jean and her husband, Bill, 74, a retired steelworks maintenance worker, went for a walk at the seaside on the Headland where Jean says the documents slipped out of her coat.

The retired school catering assistant parked up near to Henry Smiths Terrace, on the Headland and says she thinks she lost the documents somewhere between the Town Moor and Croft Gardens.

“I was planning to take the documents to the library archives and we thought we would go for a walk first,” said Jean, of Cameron Road, Hartlepool, a mum of Deborah, 39, and Paul, 37.

“I had seen that the library was appealing for documents for its archives and I thought these documents would be of interest for people.

“I had them in my coat but when we got back to the car they had gone, they must have slipped out without me knowing.

“I’m just hoping someone picked them up, obviously they aren’t documents I could ever replace.”

Anyone who has found or who finds the documents is asked to call Jean on (01429) 861281.