Great Scott he’s done it again

Hartlepool Arriba! Wellness Club supremo Jackie Liddle presents weight loss challenge winner Scott Rush with his �300 prize,
Hartlepool Arriba! Wellness Club supremo Jackie Liddle presents weight loss challenge winner Scott Rush with his �300 prize,
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DEDICATED slimmer Scott Rush has won a second innovative community weight loss challenge on the bounce.

The 38-year-old pocketed another £300 after taking his total weight loss over the two Hartlepool Arriba Wellness Club 12 Week Community Weight Loss Challenges to just over 59lbs – and he has signed up for a third!

Scott, who lives in the Bishop Cuthbert area of Hartlepool, with wife Clare and nine-year-old daughter Maddie, also saw his body fat plummet by almost 40 per cent to put him firmly on the right track to health.

Challenge bosses said his achievement was made all the more incredible considering he continued to lose weight over the festive period when people traditionally pile on the pounds.

The community challenges are led by award-winning Hartlepool Arriba Wellness Club supremo Jackie Liddle who oversees a network of challenges and runs her own two nights a week.

The acclaimed coach told the Mail: “Scott is an incredible individual.

“He is very focused and determined on his journey to health and wellbeing and is also a great participant in the class.

“He constantly encourages everybody and the friendly rivalry he has created in the class is magical to watch.

“This is always a tough challenge when it runs over Christmas and new year as the festivities start at the beginning of December and continue well into January for a lot of families.

“Helping everyone to stay focused on their health goals can be a challenge in itself, but Scott has helped me enormously, probably without realising it too.

“Scott has re-joined the class to continue his journey. He is looking to lose a further 17lbs, to get him to his ideal weight and then to learn how to maintain his weight in a healthy manner.”

Scott, a shift operator at the Conoco Phillips site at Seal Sands, is determined to maintain his new healthy lifestyle.

He said: “I chose Jackie’s classes because I agreed with what she teaches.

“I didn’t want to be counting calories or having days when I could only eat certain foods.

“After losing more than 59lbs, I am really pleased with my choice to join Jackie’s class.

“I now know why my body needs certain food groups more than others, how I can enjoy all my favourite meals but now balanced to make them healthier.

“It’s basically the three keys to wellness: nutrition, hydration and exercise.

“I’ve never felt better.”

The Hartlepool Arriba! Wellness Club 12 Week Community Challenges have proved a huge hit across Hartlepool and the majority of the classes are now centralised at the Avondale Centre, next to the newly-refurbished Dyke House School, in Mapleton Road.

They focus on sustainable weight loss with cash prizes of £300, £200 and £100 depending on class sizes for those losing the biggest percentage of body weight.

Scores of people have not only lost weight but improved their health, taken up exercise and given up smoking. In the last 12 months alone Mrs Liddle has single-handedly helped slimmers shed more than 200 stone.

The classes take place every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Avondale Centre.

Challenges cost £39 and cover an initial class and the 12-week challenge.

Full details are available at or by calling 07939518948.