Great War victims Hadfield-Hyde

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Gunner Ernest Hadfield, 27, Burbank Street

Sapper William Ernest Hall, 35, Freeman Street

Private Bertram Hall, 24, Derwent Street

Private Thomas Hall, 37, Colenso Street

Private TW Hall, age unknown, Osborne Road

Sergeant Bert Hall, 29, Arch Street

Sergeant John William Hall, 18, Marmion Road

Corporal R Hall, 26, Frances Street

Private James Hall, 25, Slake Terrace

Private George Hall, age unknown, Freeman Street

Lieutenant George Hall, age unknown, Houghton Street

Thomas Hall, age unknown, Station Cottage

Stoker David Hamer, 20, Windermere Road

Sapper E Hancock, 43, Hope Street

Stoker William Hand, age unknown, back Frederick Street

Private Robert Handley, 27, George Street

Albert Hansen, 16, address unknown

Sapper John James Hansom, 30, Pelham Street

Joseph Hardcastle, age and address unknown

Geo Henry Hardy, 25, Gainford Street

Private William Harnett, 20, George Street

Lance Corporal W Harper, 39, Whitby Street

Private Harry Harper, age unknown, Burbank Street

Rifleman Jabez Harriman, 18, Rokeby Street

Corporal Dennis Harrington, 23, High Sarah Street

Private Joseph Harris, 24, Mozart Street

Corporal W Harrison, 28, Freeman Street

William Harrison, age and address unknown

Will Harrison, 29, address unknown

Private Herbert Foster Harrison, 29, Studley Road

Private Ben JG Harrison, 22, Seamer Street

Lance Corporal WE Harrison, 34, Bailey Street

Private C Harrison, 19, Albany Street

Signaller George Hart, 27, Scarborough Street

Stoker Wm James Hart, 22, Bailey Street

Private John E Hartland, 30, Middlegate, late of West Hartlepool

Rifleman Sam Hartley, age and address unknown

Bombardier CE Hartley, age unknown, Burbank Street

Private James Harvey, age unknown, Winter Street

Company Quartermaster Sergeant Edward Hasker, age and address unknown

Deck Hand Matthew Hastings, age unknown, Wells Yard

Stoker William Hatch, age unknown, Alma Street

Able Seaman Bruce Hauxwell, 19, Grosvenor Street

Lance Corporal Bert Haywood, age unknown, Derwent Street

Private Herbert Haywood, age unknown, Acclom Street

Private Joseph Hazlewood, 34, Grace Street

Private Edward Heal, age unknown, Beaumont Street

Private John Herbert Heath, 22, Brenda Street

Lance Corporal JH Heath, age unknown, Brenda Street

Private John Hedley, 29, Gas Street

Sergeant Richard Hegarty, 33, Longmore Street

Private JH Henderson, 23, Grosvenor Street

Private Ellis James Henderson, 38, Grosvenor Street

Driver Ralph Hepplewhite, age and address unknown

Private John George Herbert, 20, Bedford Street

Private John Heron, age and address unknown

Lieutenant Geo Robert Heselton, age unknown, York Road

Sergeant John J Hester, 22, Turnbull Street

Private Robert Heweson, 25, Trimdon Street

Private Robert Heweson, 25, Cameron Road

Private William Hewitson, age unknown, Stephen Street

Private George Hewitson, 30, Vincent House, Sydenham Road

Private F Hewitt, age and address unknown

Sergeant Charles Higgins, 26, Chester Road

Private JE Hildrick, 20, Bond Street

Private JT Hill, 25, Gordon Street

Private William Hill, 21, Angus Street

Sergeant Jonathan Hodgson, 23, Colenso Street

Philip Hodgson, 21, Harrison Street

Private Thomas Hodgson, 20, Pease Street

Private Joseph W Hodgson, 22, Lowthian Road

Private John Hodgson, age unknown, Oxford Street

Private John Richard Hodgson, 20, address unknown

Private Frank G Hodgson, 19, Regents Place

Private James Pat Hoey, age unknown, Cleveland Road

Stoker John Hogan, 32, Blake Street

Lance Corporal James S Hogarth, 21, Henry Street

Andrew Hogg, age unknown, Albert Street

Private Martin Hogg, 19, Raeburn Street

Bombardier Harry Holborn, 28, Northumberland Street

Private Oliver Holden, 22, Grosvenor Street

Private Barton Grainger Holdforth, age unknown, Gill Street

Lance Corporal James Holmes, age unknown, back Frederick Street

Stoker Samuel Holmes, age and address unknown

Stoker Samuel Holmes, age unknown, Bath Passage High Street

Private Isaac Walter Holroyd, 32, Sheriff Street

Joseph Holroyd, age unknown, Street Oswalds Terrace

Corporal Jerry Hope, 27, Olive Street

Private William Hope, 31, Melrose Street

Lance Corporal Frank Hopps, 34, Thorpville, Granville Avenue

Lance Corporal John FH Hopps, age unknown, Howbeck House, West Hartlepool

Gunlayer GH Hornsey, 24, Bramley Street

Private John Horsley, age and address unknown

Gunner JW Horsley, 21, Clayton Street

Private JE Horsley, 23, Blaydon Street

Private John William Horspole, 28, Everard Street

Rifleman Geo N Waite Hotham, 19, Sydenham Road

Private RD House, 30, George Street

Gunner Wm S Houston, age unknown, Union Road

Private J Howe, 22, Wards Terrace

David J Howells, 21, Sarah Street

Stoker Thos Hudson, age unknown, Lilly Street

Lance Corporal Michael T Hughes, 20, Sarah Street

Private Peter Hughes, 19, High Sarah Street

Driver T Humphrey, age unknown, Collingwood Road

Stoker J Will Hunt, age and address unknown

Stoker John Hunter, age unknown, Sheriff Street

Private Fred Geo Hunter, age unknown, Queen Street

Private John Edward Hunter, 20, Albion Terrace

Driver George F Hunter, age unknown, Thirlmere Street

Private James L Huntley, 17, Cromwell Street

Private Frank H Hurworth, age unknown, Granville Avenue

Signaller John James Husband, 27, Mainsforth Terrace

Private James Norman Hussey, 22, Merlbu Gardens, Colwyn Road

Private Herbert Hutchinson, age unknown, Turnbull Street

Private Arnold Hutchinson, 19, Thornville Road

Lance Corporal John Hutchinson, 19, Casebourne Road

Private Thomas Hutchinson, 24, Stranton Green

Private John (Jackie) Hutchinson, 19, Casebourne Road

Private Bert Hutchinson, age unknown, Turnbull Street

Private Robert Hutley, 25, late of West Hartlepool

Private Oswald Hutton, 22, Brougham Terrace

Private Henry M Hyde, 27, Winter Street

Able Seaman Arthur Hyde, 19, Oakley Gardens