Great War victims: Macfarlane to Mulwhinney

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2nd Lieutenant Ian Cameron Macfarlane, 20, Hutton Avenue

T Prinn Mack, age and address unknown

Private Angus McLennan Mackintosh, age unknown, York Road

Private Albert Maclean, 39, Sarah Street

Private JK Maddison, 33, Brook Street

Sergeant John Frankland Madge, 27, Bridge Street

Private James Maher, age unknown, Bramley Street

Private John T Mallabar, 19, Frances Street

Private James Malone, 23, Cleveland Street

Lance Corporal Bertie T Mann, age unknown, Harte Street

Lance Corporal C Mansen, age unknown, Moreland Street

Able Seaman William Marine, age unknown, Raby Street

Private James Forsyth Markwell, 22, Alfred Street

Lance Corporal JB Marley, 37, Temperance Street

Joseph Marr, age unknown, Cornwall Street

Sergeant Major Charles Marsh, 27, Reed Street

2nd Lieutenant E Martin, 34, Milton Road

Lance Corporal William Martin, 27, address unknown

Seaman William E Martin, age unknown, Graham Street

Driver Robert Martindale, age unknown, Raby Road

Stoker Frederick Mason, age unknown, Stockton Street

Sergeant Richard Mason, 24, Duke Street.

2nd Lieutenant Frank Eric Mason, 19, address unknown

Sergeant Richard Mason, age unknown, Duke Street

Private John George Mason, 47, Jersey Street

Signaller George Henry Mason, 22, Northumberland Street

Private Heseltine Mason, 33, Mayfair Street

Driver EC Mason, age and address unknown

Private Samuel Massam, 30, Moreland Street

Private HV Massey, age unknown, Laburnam Street

Private J Henry Massey, age unknown, William Street

Private George Mather, 18, Alfred Street

Private G Mather, age unknown, Alfred Street

Private James Matterson, 19, Water Street

Private James Matthews, 28, Rokeby Street

Sergeant Leslie Matthews, 36, Lowthian Road

Signaller William Matthews, age unknown, Stockton Road

Private Joseph Maughan, age unknown, South Casebourne Road

Private Charles Maunder, 37, Russell Street

Bombardier Jack Mawhinney, 24, Gas Street

Private Joseph Mawson, age unknown, Colenso Street

Gunner Ernest Mayes, 31, Watt Street

Private Richard William Mayes, 24, Milton Street

Stoker Richard McAndrew, 17, Bridge Street

Patrick McAndrew, age unknown, Bridge Street

Able Seaman William McBay, age unknown, Pilgrim Street

Private John William McBean, 32, Alice Street

Charles Henry McCarthy, age and address unknown

Private James McCarthy, age unknown, 15 Hermit Street

Private FB McCarthy, age unknown, Suggitt Street

K McClean, age unknown, 46 Kimberley Street

Private O McClelland, age unknown, Union Road

Private William McCormack, 21, Ellison Street

Stoker Henry McCormack, age and address unknown

Thomas McCormack, age and address unknown

Private Thomas McCormack, age and address unknown

Private Samuel McCreedy, 58, Portland Street

Private William McCulloch, 32, Stephen Street

Corporal Edward McDonald, age and address unknown.

Private H McDonald, 31, Lynn Street

Private Thomas McDonaugh, 29 Sarah Street

Stoker Michael McDonnell, 40, Back Alfred Street

Private Joseph McFadden, age and address unknown

Joseph McGill, age unknown, Stainton Street

Private Francis McGregor, age and address unknown

Corporal JA McGregor, age unknown, John Street

Private Michael McGrory, 25, Wood Street

Private William McGrory, 23, Thorn Street

Niel McHugh, 46, Princess Street

Sergeant James McIntosh, 23, Town Wall

Private John McKie, age and address unknown

Private William McLaren, Church Street

Gunner James, McLaughlin, age unknown, Hermit Street

Private Alf McLean, 19, Acclom Street

Sergeant Richard McLean, his age unknown, of Throston Moor Farm

Private Tom McLean, age unknown, Acclom Street

Sergeant George McLelland, 31, Greenside Court

Stoker John McLoughlin, 29, Marmion Road

Private John McMahon, 28, Cleveland Road

Private Martin McManus, 33, South Street

Private James McMorris, 21, West Street

Corporal John James McNally, 39, Everard Street

Gunner Miles McPartlin, 31, Brown Street

Private Charles Mead, age unknown, Briar Sreet

Private E Mead, age unknown, Arthur Street

George Megson, age unknown, Durham Street

Corporal Thomas Meldrum, 22, address unknown

Private David Mellor, 27, Coleridge Avenue

Lance Corporal J Melville, age unknown, Moseley Street

Private A C Merlin, age unknown, Alma Street

Private Edward Harwood Metcalfe, age unknown, Westmoreland Street

Private Edmund Metcalfe, 26, Cumberland Street

Gunner George Metcalfe, age unknown, South Parade

2nd Lieutenant Laurence Metcalfe, 23, Musgrave Street

Private John G Middlemass, 49, Bentick Street

Private Thomas Middlemiss, 20, Pelham Street

Private George Ernest Middleton 20, Beechwood Road

Private James Middleton, 24, address unknown

Private David Middleton, 33, Sunderland Street

Lance Corporal John M Midgley, 24, Park Road

Private Matthew Milber, age unknown, Brougham Street

Robert Miller, 21, Montague Street

Isaac Miller, age and address unknown

Robert Miller, age unknown,Easeby House, Groves Street

Stoker Henry Miller, age unknown, Angel Inn Yard

David Mills, 24, Burbank Street

Private John Mills, 22, Milton Street

Private Norman E Milne, age unknown, St Hilda Street

Private Alex Milne, age unknown, Blandford Street

3rd Engineer William Minto, age unknown, South Scarborough Street.

Sergeant John Mitchell, 26, Collingwood Road

Gunner John R Mitchell, 21, Darlington Terrace

Private RS Mitchell, 21, Conyers Street

CED Mitchell, 27, address unknown

Private George Thomas Moffitt, age unknown, Penrith Street

Private George Moffitt, age unknown, Harrow Street

Private H Montgomery, 38, Dover Street

Gunner Arthur Monument, age unknown, Errol Street

Private J Moody, age and address unknown

Corporal Thomas A Moon 27, address unknown

Private Ernest Moon, age unknown, Alma Place

Bombardier John Robert Mooney, 27, Commercial Street

Sergeant WW Moor, 21, Raby Road

Stoker Frank Moore, age unknown, Frederick Street

Sergeant Major Wilfred Howard Moore, 30, Dent Street

Corporal Ralph Moore, age unknown, 67 Hermit Street

Private CH Moore, 18, Keswick Street

JT Moore, age and address unknown

Coulson Moore, age and address unknown

Private JH Moore, age unknown, Richmond Street

Private William Moralee, age unknown, Stephenson Street

John Moran, age unknown, Union Inn Bridge Street

Stoker Patrick, Moran, age unknown, Cleveland Road

Private Peter Moran, 29, High Winter Street

Charles Mordaunt, age and address unknown

Lance Corporal David Morgan, age unknown, Casebourne Road

Driver Walter Morgan, age unknown, Brougham Street

2nd Lieutenant Arthur Morgan, age unknown, Stockton Road

Private Robert Morrell, age unknown, Briar Street

Stoker Edward Morrigan, age unknown, Caroline Street

Sergeant Sydney Kneebon Morris, 23, Benson Street

George Morris, 31, Prissick Street

Corporal George Lewis Morris, age unknown, Jackson Street

Willim Morrison, age unknown, 36 Grey Street

Private John Kneeborn Morrison, age unknown, Benson Street

Albert L Morrison, 23, age and address unknown

Sergeant Sydney Morriss, age unknown, Benson Street

Private JE Morton, 20, Golden Flats Farm

Private Harry Morton, 35, Westmoreland Street

Private Albert Mott, age and address unknown

Private Chas De Moulipied, 23, Water Street

Private Mark A Moult, age unknown, Mildred Street

Private D Mudd, 20, York Street

Stoker William Muir, 23, Charlotte Street

Lance Corporal Thomas Mullen, age unknown, Moreland Street

Private William Mullender, 32, Longmore Street

Thomas Mullon, age unknown, Silver Street

Private Sidney Mulvey, 26, Howard Street

JT Murphy, 31, Well Street

Private Francis Jos Murphy, 26, address unknown

Private Tom Murray, age unknown, Pimlico Street

Private George Frederick Murray, age and address unknown.

Private Phillip E Murray, 21, Osborne Road

Geo Fred Murray, 30, Frederick Street

Private James Murray, age unknown, Sarah Street

Driver Ralph Musgrave, age unknown, Reed Street

Private George Mulwhinney, 21, Gas Street