Hartlepool bins won’t be emptied for a month due to strikes

Jodi Smith with her daughter Paige Campbell
Jodi Smith with her daughter Paige Campbell

THOUSANDS of residents in Hartlepool will not have their bins emptied for a month due to strike action by council staff.

Homeowners in several areas of the town where green and brown bins are collected on a Thursday will not have them emptied for four weeks as a result of the public sector walk-out tomorrow.

There are also thousands of parents who will face disruption and be forced to make emergency childcare plans as dozens of schools close for the day.

The action will also see a string of council buildings close and services not operating.

Firefighters are also striking tomorrow after joining in the campaign as they battle against the Government over pensions.

The last time the green and brown bins were emptied was on Thursday, June 26, and as there will be no catch-up collections the next time the Hartlepool Borough Council bin men will be removing the garbage will be on Thursday, July 24.

The affected areas will include:

• Belle Vue;

• The Brooke Estate area;

• Wooler Road area;

• Granville Avenue area;

• Burn Valley;

• Rift House;

• Park area;

• Town centre.

The Mail spoke to residents in Arncliffe Gardens, which is one of the 156 streets to be left with wheelie bins full of refuge.

Roxanna Petterson, 21, a barmaid, said: “It’s going to cause a big problem really, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

“It’s going to cause a big problem with litter in the street, and it’ll be more work for them in the end won’t it?”

Sean Hannon, 38, a full-time dad-of-five, said: “I don’t blame the workers if that’s the only way that they can voice their displeasure.

“It will cause a lot of bother though, especially with people who have kids and have more rubbish.”

Jodi Smith, who is on maternity leave from her job in River Island after giving birth to her five-month-old daughter Paige Campbell, said her bins never get too full but thought a month was a long time to wait to have refuse removed.

The 27-year-old said: “Ours don’t get that full to be honest, but I suppose it’s still a long time to go.”

And 44-year-old financial planning manager David Marshall, a dad-of-two, said the cancelled collection would not have that much of an impact on his family.

“When you recycle everything it’s the black bin that gets the most full,” he said.

“As for the general waste in the green bins, well a month wouldn’t hurt it as a one off I don’t think.”

The council says that recycling collections are not affected, so residents who normally have their grey bin and blue box emptied on a Thursday should put it out as normal.

The Household Waste Recycling Centre in Burn Road will be closed but will re-open at 8am on Friday, July 11, should residents wish to take household waste/recyclable materials.

Dave Stubbs, the council’s chief executive, said: “Clearly, the national strike on Thursday is going to cause some disruption to Council services and inconvenience to residents.

“Nevertheless, we expect to maintain a level of service for the public in some areas and will have measures in place to protect residents who are most at risk and to deal with any with emergency situations should they arise.”