Hartlepool firm pulls out all the stops by hitting right notes for charity

Roll up! Roll up!

Charities and other good causes in Hartlepool have been given an offer which could be music to their ears.

Gerald Martin with the organ

Gerald Martin with the organ

And to take up the free opportunity to add a tuneful touch to their fundraising, all they have to do is put in an application.

The Mason and Gerald Martin funeral home in Park Road has possession of an organ which belongs to its parent company Dignity, and it wants to loan it out to deserving groups in town.

Bosses say the fairground attraction has already proved a hit at charity events around Hartlepool, especially in schools, nursing homes and outside supermarkets.

But Julia Masshedar, a Mason and Gerald Martin funeral arranger, said: “It is there for people to come forward and ask for it on a first come first served basis.”

It is free of charge and Julia added: “It plays a selection of old fashioned music and fairground music.” The organ is housed in a self-contained mobile unit which can be driven to any site - as long as it has plenty of space and is off road.

Julia added: “We have had different organs over the years for around 10 years, but we have had this one for the last two.

“There is a diary for it and places are taken on a first come first served basis. We want to give it out to people who raise money for good causes.

“That could be charity groups, organisations which represents elderly people. It could be any sort of charity. Perhaps it might be a group representing children with special needs.

“It can be used for any charity event where people need to raise money.”

The only criteria, said Julia, was that the organ needs sufficient space to be used, such as a car park or a piece of land where it is not on a road.

She added: “We have had it in schools and nursing homes and it plays the old fashioned type of fairground music.”

Julia said the organ had been used by charities holding fundraising events outside of supermarkets.

“All we need is for people to give us a call.

“When they do, we need a date and a venue for their charity event from them,” she added.

“We will then get back to them to let them know if the organ is available.”

Anyone interested in loaning the free musical attraction should contact Mason and Gerald Martin on (01429) 862021.