Hartlepool historians who disovered Kate Middleton’s links to the town welcome the ‘fantastic’ baby news

Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly

A HARTLEPOOL group has sent its warmest congratulations to the new Royal parents.

The Hartlepool Headland Local History group sent its best wishes to Prince William and new mum Kate whose great-great-great-grandmother came from the Headland.

Kevin Kelly, chairman of the group which has investigated the Middleton family link to Hartlepool, said the Royal couple will make great parents and the birth will provide the whole country with a boost.

Kate’s link to Hartlepool was revealed at around the time she got engaged to William.

Her great-great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Webster, was born in 1848 on the Headland’s Throston Street, a quiet side street off Northgate.

She was born to Sunderland-born parents Thomas hay Webster and Elizabeth Golden.

Kate’s great-great-grandmother was also born in Hulam, Sheraton, on the outskirts of Hartlepool, in 1868.

He said of the birth: “It is fantastic news and we wish the couple every success.

“I think they will make fantastic parents and the whole of Hartlepool can be proud of them.

“This birth reinforces the link between Hartlepool and the Royal family on both William and Kate’s side.

“It is an especially important birth as being the first born will be in line for succession to the throne under the new law.

“I think the whole country needs a good news story right now to cheer us up.”

The history group has also claimed links to the Queen’s side of the family as she has links to Robert the Bruce of Hartlepool.

The Queen Mother was also linked to the town through the Bowes-Lyon family.