Hartlepool MP calls for ‘clear and decisive’ answers ahead of Syria debate

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HARTLEPOOL MP Iain Wright has called for “clear and decisive” answers from Prime Minister David Cameron ahead of today’s House of Commons debate into the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Mr Cameron has taken the unusual step of recalling Parliament from its summer recess in order for MPs to debate and vote on possible British military intervention in Syria following the suspected chemical weapons attack in Mouadamiya, that allegedly killed more than 1,300.

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.

Mr Wright said everybody will be “outraged and morally disgusted” at the attack, but said whether the response should be military intervention is much more “difficult to answer” and has called on clear and decisive answers from Mr Cameron at today’s debate.

He said: “The present situation is extremely fast-moving and it is right that Parliament sees the evidence and makes a decision.

“But while listening to the debate these are the sort of questions that need to be answered clearly and decisively by the Prime Minister during the debate.

“What are the purposes of any military strike involving Britain and British forces? Is it regime change, designed to oust President Assad and his regime from power?

“Is it to choose sides and to back a particular faction in a deeply-embittered and violent civil war?

“Before the Parliamentary recess in July there was talk of arming the Syrian rebels with British military equipment in order to bring down the regime.

“This is something I would be opposed to for a number of reasons: it is difficult to identify who the rebels are and whether they are sympathetic to Britain and the West.”

Phil Wilson, Sedgefield MP, said: “Until we see what the resolution is from the Government, it is difficult to know what we are voting on.”

Grahame Morris, Easington MP, said although he hadn’t seen the resolution he was minded to vote against any military action questioning whether lessons had been learned from the past.

Mr Morris voiced concerns about potential escalation and putting the lives of service men and women at risk, while Alex Cunningham, Stockton North MP, said: “What has happened is absolutely abhorrent, but any response must be legal and proportional.”

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