Hartlepool’s beaches get the nod of approval in a new water quality survey

Seaton Carew beach, Hartlepool
Seaton Carew beach, Hartlepool

HARTLEPOOL’s beaches have been given the thumbs-up for having great water quality.

And in a fantastic boost for the region, every North East beach got the same accolade in a survey by the Marine Conservation Society.

More shorelines than ever have been recommended for their water quality in the annual Good Beach Guide, launched today.

Seaton Carew North Gare beach, Crimdon beach and Seaton Carew Centre beach have been rated ‘Recommended’,which is a step up from last year when they were only classified as mandatory.

Seaton Carew North beach was rated as a fail in last year’s awards, but this year met the mandatory standard.

The society recommended 73 per cent of UK beaches in tests which were carried out last summer. Only fourteen failed to reach minimum water quality standards.

MCS coastal pollution officer, Rachel Wyatt, said: “It’s great news that we are able to recommend more beaches than ever for excellent water quality and it shows just how good British beaches can be.”

She said the main challenge now was to maintain the standard.

By the end of the 2015, all designated bathing waters must meet a new minimum ‘Sufficient’ standard which is being brought in because of a revised EU Bathing Water Directive.

This will be twice as stringent as the current minimum standard and means that some beaches will need to do more to make the grade in the future.

Beaches which don’t meet the standard will have to display signs warning against bathing in the sea from the start of 2016.

The conservation society suggests beachgoers only go to beaches recommended in the Good Beach Guide to maintain pressure on water companies, environmental regulators and local councils to tackle the sources of bathing water pollution.