Hartlepool’s lifeboat called to third broken-down vessel in as many days

Hartlepool RNLI all weather and inshore lifeboats.
Hartlepool RNLI all weather and inshore lifeboats.

LIFEBOAT volunteers were called to help a broken-down vessel which was the third in as many days and the fourth in the space of a week.

Hartlepool’s inshore lifeboat was called to help a small boat called The South Gare which had broken down about a mile south of Longscar Bouy, Hartlepool, around 6.15pm on Saturday.

The RNLI reached the stricken boat, which had three people on board, including a child, around 6.30pm.

By 7pm, the lifeboat had towed the vessel into Hartlepool Marina.

An RNLI spokesman said a child was taken on board the inshore lifeboat, who was cold and scared.

It is the third vessel the town’s lifeboat has helped after engine problems in the space of three days, and a similar incident happened last Sunday.

A spokeswoman for Humber Coastguard said this could be due to “this time of year, when the boats haven’t done anything all winter and people come to take them out”.
“They could have problems with fuel, that sort of thing, it’s quite common this time of year”, she added.