Hartlepool thug jailed for savage assault on pet dog

The emaciated pet
The emaciated pet
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A THUG beat a pet dog so badly it was left with injuries similar to being in a car accident.

Christopher Bowman Watson (right), who left the starved dog with 24 fractures to its body following a series of “sustained violent physical attacks”, has been jailed for 18 weeks and banned from keeping animals for life.

Watson even beat the dog with a broom handle, repeatedly raining the weapon down on its spine before poking it in the ribs several times.

Vets said the force of the attacks carried out by 19-year-old thug were “so savage they were akin to the dog being involved in a road traffic accident”.

The yob was sentenced to the jail term when he appeared before Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court despite asking justices for “mercy” and not to send him to prison.

But as he was led away he turned to the RSPCA representative who was sat in court, called her a “rat” and said he would “stamp all over her head”.

The court heard that it was a neighbour of Watson’s that spotted him carrying out the brutal broom attack on the “shit-zu-type” dog – which is now with a foster owner and has been renamed Maggie – on March 22 and contacted the RSPCA.

Three days later she witnessed him continuously kicking the dog.

When the animal charity’s inspectors seized the pooch a vet said it was “lucky to be alive”.

Solicitor John Ellwood, who was prosecuting the case on behalf of the RSPCA, said: “This defendant subjected the dog to a serious violent assault and beat it with a broom handle and probably attacked it in different ways as well.

“The beatings were so savage that the dog suffered 24 fractures which varied in ages.

“It was also emaciated as a result of starvation and its hind quarters were damp and stained with urine because it could not walk from where it had urinated as a result of its injuries.”

Watson, of Shields Terrace, Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to three counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal between October 23 last year and February 23, namely that he subjected it to physical violence, failed to seek veterinary care for it and also that he did not provide it with a balanced diet.

Mitigating, Choi Cheng said his client had been brought up in care since the age of six-years-old and had never had a pet before.

He said: “He thoroughly regrets his actions and I believe a lot of it stems from his immaturity. Unfortunately it’s taken until today for him to realise that he is responsible for his actions. He told me that he feels sick to the pit of his stomach.”

Watson also admitted failing to comply with the requirements of a community order on June 23 and July 14.