Hartlepool United is debt free -and new owners JPNG want to buy ground

Hartlepool United Chairman Gary Coxall. Picture by FRANK REID
Hartlepool United Chairman Gary Coxall. Picture by FRANK REID
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Hartlepool United’s new owners have confirmed the club is debt free and they want to buy the ground from Hartlepool Borough Council.

Initial talks have taken place and while the proposal is at an early stage, Pools’ new chairman Gary Coxall said the local authority is receptive to their plans.

Coxall was presented to the media today after JPNG were confirmed as the League Two side’s new owners.

Hartlepool Council currently own Victoria Park, and the issue of the sale has been a long-running saga with previous owners IOR at odds with the council for much of its time in charge.

But the new owners are hoping for a fresh start.

Coxall said: “The one thing that we are looking at doing ASAP is getting onside with the council.

“We have had various meetings, informal chats about our plans.

“We have been well receieved and they have been very positive about our plans.

“The one thing we have got a common goal on is to protect the football club and protect it at victoria Park.

“We will sit down with the council about making some sort of plans to purchase the ground, so the club owns the ground.

“To put a time limit on it would be churlish.

“That is our intention and the council are receptive to that.”

Labour councillor Christopher Akers-Belcher, the leader of Hartlepool Council and council colleagues welcomed the new chairman Gary Coxall and director Peter Goldberg to the Civic Centre for a meeting this week.

Coun Akers-Belcher, said: “We met the new chairman Gary Coxall and director Peter Goldberg earlier this week. It was a very positive meeting and an excellent start to forging a healthy working relationship.

“The new owners have a very clear view of how they want to take the football club forward and they recognise the importance of embracing fans and the local community in achieving their goals.

“We have emphasised to the new owners that Hartlepool Council has always fully appreciated the benefits of having a successful football league club and this is a view we still hold.

“This is a new era for Hartlepool United and we wish them every success both on and off the field.”