‘I want my love to smile again’

Amanda Parvin and Stephen Newcombe
Amanda Parvin and Stephen Newcombe

A WOULD-BE groom has nominated his fiancee for the Bride of the Year competition – so she can “smile again” after losing her mother.

Amanda Parvin, 38, from Hartlepool, was a constant companion for her mum Pauline when she fought lung cancer in 2009.

Sadly, Pauline died aged 64 on November 5 that same year after a six-month battle with the disease.

Amanda spent every moment she could caring for Pauline, and said: “It was hard and I never slept. My mum would not have carers in. She was a very individual person and I pretty much lived at her house.”

Unemployed Amanda admitted: “My world fell apart when my mum passed away.”

The tragedy, and the grieving which followed, prompted fiance Stephen Newcombe, 41, to nominate Amanda for the Bride of the Year competition run by the Hartlepool Mail in conjunction with Robert Usher Photography.

Stephen, who works as a shop fitter, said: “After everything she has been through, I want to show her that there can be some happiness at the end of it.

“It would be my way of proving to Amanda that there can be a good ending to a sad story.”

The couple from Jesmond Gardens first met 23 years ago, but went their separate ways before reuniting, with Stephen proposing in September 2010.

Stephen, a dad-of-three to John Newcombe, 15, Nicole Newcombe, 15, and Natasha Newcombe, aged seven, said: “Just to see Amanda happy is all I want for her.”

The couple have tried to save for a wedding but Amanda, a mum of four to Daniel Parvin, 20, Shaun Parvin, 19, Demi Parvin, 15, and Dale Parvin, eight, said: “Every time we start, something puts it on hold.

“Winning this would be brilliant, not just for me but for my kids.”