In the picture with Adam Robson

A HAMSTRING tear meant athletics was lost to Adam Robson.

But it was the spur for a love of photography which has grown over the last five months for the Seaton Carew man.

Adam, 24, was a keen athlete who represented both his town and county in national competitions.

But he explained: "I took part in athletics between the ages of 14 and 18 until it had to end due to a hamstring tear and three years of physio.

"Since then, photography is the only thing I have found that I love as much as I did my athletics.

"I started photography in October last year with my first DSLR camera. I was pretty much hooked straight away. I love creating and capturing new pictures.

"I aim to make them different and stand out from the normal 'point and shoot'. I have a lot of new ideas and hope to extend and vary my collection over the next year.

"I like all style of photography, although my main niche is close ups and macro photography at the minute."

Adam has worked for the last two years as an industrial firefighter and ambulance technician on various sites at Seal Sands and at Wilton.

He added: "I have lived in Seaton Carew for 24 years and have a very close family who have always supported me."

His images featured today include a scene from Seaton beach as well as close-ups of wildlife.

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