Increase in noise complaints as 596 told ‘quieten it down’

Environmental health officer Adrian Hurst with the recording equipment for dealing with noisy neighbours
Environmental health officer Adrian Hurst with the recording equipment for dealing with noisy neighbours

PEOPLE are being urged to have more consideration for their neighbours after a council received almost 600 complaints about noise in just 12 months.

Hartlepool Borough Council received 596 complaints about noise in the 2010-11 financial year, up from 490 in 2009-10.

Council chiefs say the rise is due to the council running an extended out of hours service from April to December last year, instead of just three months in the summer, which led to a rise in reports on Friday and Saturday nights.

In the last financial year the complaints included 213 about loud music, 129 over barking dogs and 107 about noisy parties.

Bosses have urged people to show more consideration for their neighbours and warned they have powers to serve legal notices and seize music equipment if they repeatedly cause a problem.

Adrian Hurst, the council’s principal environmental health officer, said: “We want people to show consideration for their neighbours.

“No-one wants to stop people living their lives and having parties, but they have to make sure they do it in a reasonable manner and consider their neighbours.

“We also get a lot of complaints about dogs barking and we would ask people not to leave their dogs in back yards when they go out and they keep barking.”

In 2010-11 the council issued 11 abatement notices asking people to keep the noise down and warning they could face court action if they fail to do so.

Council chiefs also seized music equipment from one property after repeated reports of noise nuisance.

Mr Hurst added: “To seize equipment it needs to be extreme and this case it was and a repeated offender who was partying until the early hours.

“If people are having a party we would urge them to let their neighbours know and wrap it up at a reasonable time.

“The big problem that we see with parties is that people don’t let others know and they go on until the early hours of the morning.”

People can report noise nuisances to the council by calling (01429) 523325.