Kind cabbie thanks fundraisers after ‘amazing’ trip

Stephen Picton.
Stephen Picton.

A FUNDRAISING hero who was granted his dream of watching a Six Nations rugby match at the Millenium Stadium has said the day was “absolutely amazing”.

Big-hearted Stephen Picton, who has raised thousands of pounds for charity, had the tables turned on himself when a facebook status he wrote saying he would love to watch Wales and Scotland with his family was turned into reality by the cabbie’s close pals Samantha and Jonathan Robson.

The pair spotted the status, which was quickly removed by Stephen when people began to say they would fundraise for the trip, and they raised enough money in a week to send Stephen, his dad James Picton, 67, step-mum, Irene Picton, and mum Marion Braithwaite, to Cardiff.

The 42-year-old said: “It was immense, it was absolutely brilliant and I’d like to thank everyone who made it possible. It was absolutely amazing.

“I think I was the lucky charm for them to win 51-3.

“Everything just seemed to fall into place.”