Leading Cuban figure in town

SLP president Andrew Jordan and Carlos Camps Garcia
SLP president Andrew Jordan and Carlos Camps Garcia

RESIDENTS got an insight into life in Cuban politics as a leading international figure stopped off in town.

Deputy Cuban ambassador Carlos Camps Garcia enjoyed a visit to Belle Vue Social Club, in Hartlepool’s Kendal Road, this week.

There, as the guest speaker of local members of the Social Labour Party (SLP) and Hartlepool Number 2 Construction Branch of the union Unite, he spoke about how society works in Cuba.

Those who attended got the chance to question Camps Garcia, who was a member of the Revolutionary Cuban Army defending Angola against South Africa during the Apartheid regime and was also deputy ambassador to Russia.

Andrew Jordan, president of the SLP, which was set up by leading trade unionist Arthur Scargill, was also a speaker during the event.

Mr Jordan, who spent time in Cuba after being invited by the Central Committee of the Community Party of Cuba, said he was pleased with the turn-out of the audience at the event.

He was also delighted that a number of residents signed up for the SLP.

“People were very engaged in what he was saying,” said Mr Jordan, who is based in Harrogate.

“During my time in Cuba I got to see most of what Carlos was talking about.

“What has happened in Cuba is a direct opposite to ourselves.

“We used to have strong public health services and education system but they are falling apart.

“This isn’t happening in Cuba.

“Obviously it is a completely different culture to ours but I still believe we can learn from what they have implemented.

“Their society runs for the benefit of people.”