Lincoln makes a splash by being born in the bath

Lincoln Edwards with mum Tracy Carroll
Lincoln Edwards with mum Tracy Carroll
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ADORABLE Lincoln Edwards literally splashed into the world after making an unexpected arrival – in the bath.

The tiny tot was a week overdue, but finally decided to make his big entrance while his mum Tracy Carroll was taking a bath.

When she realised the arrival was imminent, panic-stricken Tracy desperately called her partner Lee Edwards, who was out at the time, and he rushed to her side to help.

As there was no time to race to the University Hospital of Hartlepool, Lee, 37, had the daunting task of delivering his new-born.

Within minutes of arriving at the house, Lee had safely delivered Lincoln, with the help of an ambulance operator giving words of encouragement over the phone.

Reluctant hero Lee, a gas fitter for Housing Hartlepool, today relived the “frightening but amazing” experience.

Lee said: “It was an emotional and really daunting experience, but as long as he was okay then that was always the main thing.

“The operator talked me through the birth and calmed me down which helped.”

He was told not to cut the umbilical cord, to make sure Lincoln was breathing and to wrap him in towels once he had been delivered.

Tracy said: “It was really scary, especially for Lee because he had to deliver him.”

There was one moment of anxiety for the pair though as Lincoln was born with the cord wrapped around his neck three times.

Lee carefully unravelled the cord, wrapped Lincoln in towels and handed him to his mum, just minutes before the paramedics arrived.

Lincoln, who was a week overdue, was born at 9.07pm on Sunday, April 1, weighing 7lbs and 11oz.

Lee, who has two other children from a previous relationship, had been at his house off Hart Lane and was driving back across town when he got the call from his partner.

He rushed inside the house, in Romanby Close on the Central Estate, to find Tracy in the bath ready to give birth.

Full-time mum Tracy, who said she was amazed at how quickly it all happened, said: “I was talking to a friend on the phone at 8.50pm, and Lincoln was born at 9.07pm.

“I would have preferred to have given birth in hospital, but this was certainly an experience we won’t forget.

“It is something for us all to treasure.

“I was just relieved that Lee didn’t take a detour on the way home and that the bathroom door was unlocked because otherwise I would have been alone.”

Tracy, 35, had been to the University Hospital of Hartlepool earlier that day for a check-up as Lincoln was already a week overdue.

After returning home, Tracy phoned the hospital at teatime as a result of the ongoing pain.

The mum-of-three went back in and was given pain relief but sent home again, and told to come back if her waters broke.

Tracy, who was still in pain, decided to have her third bath of the day that evening when the drama started.

Tracy added: “When Lincoln was born it was such a relief because I was in that much pain; it was horrendous.

“It was a nice feeling afterwards being at home but it was painful at the time and we really weren’t prepared to have him at home.

“From having the sweep to having Lincoln, without pain relief apart from paracetamol, was absolute agony.

“But it was worth it in the end because we have a beautiful and happy baby boy.

“Lincoln will certainly have a story to tell when he gets older.”

Tracy has two other children from a previous relationship, Alisha Carroll, nine, and six-year-old Lennon Carroll, who both attend West View Primary School.

Alisha, who likes to help feed the latest addition to the family, said: “We all love him to bits.”