Bells ring out across Hartlepool for St George’s Day

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THE glorious sound of ringing bells was heard across Hartlepool to mark St George’s Day.

Nine members of the Hartlepool Bell Ringers made their way to the top of Hartlepool Art Gallery – the Christ Church building in Church Square – to play a sequence to honour England’s patron saint.

The ringers, five men and four women, decided to create the ding dong as part of Ring for England, which sees hundreds of bell chimers ringing up and down the country on the same day.

Andrew Frost, secretary of the Hartlepool Bell Ringers, said the group chose the art gallery bells so that people would be able to hear the sound as they went about their business.

And they rang a sequence –also known as a ‘method’ – called Plain Bob Doubles from 10.45am until 11.25am yesterday.

Andrew, 66, who started bell-ringing when he was 13-years-old, said: “It was a good proud day for us.

“We were really pleased with how it went, it’s very uplifting.

“We were doing it for St George’s Day along with other bell ringers up and down the country, but we were also doing it for Hartlepool.”

Anyone interested in learning to ring bells should contact Andrew on (01429) 281767.




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