Biker who was lucky to live after horrific fall in Hartlepool makes miracle recovery

Metin Almas at the scene where his bike was found.

Metin Almas at the scene where his bike was found.

A MAN who wasn’t expected to survive after a freak accident left him fighting for life with serious head injuries has made a miraculous recovery.

Nine months ago, Metin Almas was left for dead after he fell from his bike and tumbled down steps on the Headland.

The bleeding and pressure on his brain was so bad that doctors told his family to prepare for the worst.

Metin overcame five operations, three weeks in a coma and four months in hospital to recover.

Even then, medics feared he would have no real quality of life, such were the extent of his injuries.

But in a remarkable turnaround, he recently launched his own business, where he is working 12 hours a day.

Today Turkish-born Metin, 40, said: “I’m happy to be given life again.”

Metin almost died when the accident happened on Sunday, July 21 last year.

He went to look for stepdaughter Hannah, 14, when she was late home.

But although she returned home a few minutes later, Metin did not come back.

He was found over an hour later wandering the streets in a dazed state with his injuries in Union Street.

His bike was discovered at the bottom of the steps near the Pilot Pier, off York Place, around a quarter of a mile away.

Metin’s wife Sharon Almas said: “He was seriously ill and was dying.

“The hospital told us he wouldn’t survive his injuries.”

Metin was rushed straight to theatre at James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough, after a scan revealed bleeding in his brain.

He underwent three life-saving operations to stop the bleeding and reduce the severe swelling within a week.

Three days later the swelling was still bad, and Metin was given hours to live.

But Sharon, 44, added: “He started overriding the machine and started to breath by himself.

“Then when he was waking up from his coma I was told his injury was so severe he would have no quality of life, but after two weeks he was wide awake and trying to talk.

“Now he is running his own business. He’s done exceptionally well.”

As his recovery continued, Metin was moved from intensive care to a rehabilitation ward before being allowed home in November after having a titanium plate fitted to the left side of his head.

He returned to have another one inserted on the right side of his head in March.

Metin, who has lived in England for around six years, said of his amazing recovery: “When I was in my coma I had a dream and saw a figure that said ‘you are going to get up and open your eyes’.

“I saw people shaking my hands saying ‘get up’.

“After that I started getting better a little every day.

“They said I was going to be disabled but I wasn’t. I started to walk.

“Now I am alright and I’m really happy.”

Three weeks ago, Metin celebrated the opening of his new Turkish takeaway on the Headland.

Sharon and Metin also thanked the Headland community for their support during their ordeal.

Metin had been due to open it the day after he had his accident.

It remains a mystery what caused him to fall down the pier steps.

Police launched an investigation but could not find anyone else was involved.




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