Bride revved up for married life

Liam Dunn and Faye Robinson celebrate with a kiss amongst the scooters after their wedding at St Josephs Church.

Liam Dunn and Faye Robinson celebrate with a kiss amongst the scooters after their wedding at St Josephs Church.

NEWLY-WEDS Liam and Faye Dunn had a wheelie good start to married life when a scooter club formed a guard of honour at their 1960s themed wedding.

Members of the A19 Scooter Club paid the unusual tribute as the bride and groom left St Joseph’s Church, in Hartlepool, following their lunchtime nuptials on Saturday.

Groom Liam, 29, had kept the 14-man Lambretta line-up a secret from Faye after she told him he could give their wedding a retro theme.

Long-time scooterist Liam has been riding the vintage machines since he was 16 after taking inspiration from dad Keith, who is a regular at scooter rallies and northern soul events.

Liam, who works as a safety officer at Wilton Engineering, in Port Clarence, and has been a member of the A19 club for five years, introduced 27-year old Faye to the scooter scene after they met on a night out in Hartlepool five years ago.

The pair, who live in the Foggy Furze area, regularly went on scooter runs and rallies together before the birth of their three-year old daughter, Amelia, who was a bridesmaid at the wedding.

Liam, who wore a 1960s Mod-style suit for the wedding, is still a member of the club and attends regular meetings at the Spotted Cow pub in Elwick.

He said: “Forming a guard of honour at a member’s wedding is a tradition in the club so one of the lads posted it on Facebook and a bunch of them turned up which was absolutely great of them.

“I got my love of scooters and ’60s mod culture from my dad. I’ve always been around that culture and for me it’s a lifestyle thing with the music and the clothes.”

Faye, who works at Barclays, in York Road, in the town, said it was “a lovely surprise” to see the scooters lined up in a guard of honour as she and Liam left the church after taking their vows.

Faye said: “I had no idea Liam had arranged it.

“He’d mentioned that one or two of the A19 lads were coming so I wasn’t surprised to see a couple of scooters as we came out of the church.

“But there was too much engine noise for just a couple of scooters, and when I saw all the rest of them I knew why.

“Liam’s always been into scooters and 1960s music and fashion so I told him he could have a 1960’s theme for the wedding.

“It was his input and I knew I could trust him to get it right, and he did.

“I was over the moon when I saw all the scooters. It was the cherry on the cake.”

And after forming a guard of honour for the happy couple, the scooters doubled as props, with Liam and Faye sitting astride one each to pose for the wedding photographs.

But the 1960s theme didn’t end there as Liam had arranged for him and Faye to travel to their reception at the Manor House in West Auckland in a 1960s MKII Jaguar, while their guests clambered onto a 1960s double-decker Routemaster London bus.




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