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HARTLEPOOL residents flocked to get a range of items valued when a star of a hit television show visited town.

Cash in the Attic - starring Jonty Hearnden - was in the central square at Middleton Grange Shopping Centre throughout yesterday giving valuations and advice.

Dozens of town residents flocked to meet Jonty and see if their valuables that they’ve had tucked away for years were worth anything.

The popular presenter said he was “bowled over” with the response from town residents all looking to see what their personal treasures were worth.

Over the course of the five hours there was several items that caught the experts eye. He valued:

l A wrist watch that could be worth up to £4,000.

l An oil painting worth £500.

l A toy doll worth between £200 and £300 and a “fascinating stamp collection” among the items.

Burn Valley couple Karl and Jane Grigg also popped along with a necklace made from silver sixpences and that was valued at £200.

Jonty, who also presents television show Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, said: “I was bowled over with the response from the people of Hartlepool.

“There was some really nice and interesting items that were brought along and it was nice to meet everybody.

“I saw a range of things including a wrist watch which could be worth up to £4,000, an oil painting which I valued at £500 and there was also a fascinating stamp collection as well.

“Over the years the Cash In The Attic team has found some amazing items that the owners didn’t realise were worth a small fortune but there are also people that think something may be worth something when it isn’t. Either way, it is nice for them to find out for sure.

“This was a chance to identify the hidden gems in their home by bringing their item to Middleton Grange for an on-the-spot valuation.

“The North East is a region that’s steeped in history and culture and we found some excellent finds.”

Mark Rycraft, centre manager at Middleton Grange, had previously welcomed the arrival of Jonty and Cash in the Attic team. The team were in town to promote which gives people a new way to value items.




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