Council chiefs slammed over state of lighting along the promenade at Hartlepool Marina

Tom Cherry on the marina promenade

Tom Cherry on the marina promenade

COUNCIL chiefs have been urged to light up the promenade at Hartlepool Marina amid claims from a former councillor that 30 per cent of the stretch is in darkness.

Tom Cherry, 77, claims that dozens of street lights have been out in sections on the popular walkway for around three months and says he has complained to the council about the matter on a number of occasions.

The former ward councillor and residents’ association chairman says he is concerned for the welfare of the dozens of people who walk or jog along the promenade every day.

“The place is in complete darkness,” said Tom, a dad-of-three who lives in the nearby Ensign Court.

“I would say about 30 per cent of the lighting at this end of the promenade has been off for weeks and weeks now.

“It’s dangerous for people.

“You see plenty of joggers, dog walkers, mums with prams yet after sunset they are having to walk through an area which is in complete darkness.”

Visitors to Hartlepool Marina gave the area a thumbs-down in a survey carried out by businesses to find out why people are staying away, as reported in the Mail on Monday.

Of 159 forms survey forms which were handed back in, 130 responses gave negative feedback.

“I read about the survey in the Mail and I have to say I wasn’t surprised,” added Tom.“The area is getting run down.

“These street lights have been out months, I’ve seen people from the council coming to have a look but they haven’t done anything about it.”

A council spokesman said: “We are aware that some of the lanterns along the promenade are not working.

“We are currently in discussion with the supplier of the lanterns to remedy the problem and hope to resolve the situation as soon as possible.”




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