England fans in Hartlepool and East Durham left gutted after World Cup defeat

They think its all over. England fans after seeing their team go 2-1 down

They think its all over. England fans after seeing their team go 2-1 down

ENGLAND fans were left devastated after their World Cup dream looks to be over.

Local supporters once again packed out pubs and clubs in Hartlepool and East Durham last night to watch the Three Lions take on Uruguay.

And just like Saturday night they were to be left feeling gutted after watching the opposition get the better of England.

The Mail watched the game among die-hard England fans at Seaton Carew Sports and Social Club last night.

Just like Saturday night they were given hope when England bounced back after going a goal down.

But unfortunately their hope was short-lived as the team went down by the same 2-1 score line.

And it was another Premier League villain, this time Luis Suarez, making the difference.

It means England’s chances of making it out of the group stage are very slim and the team will are relying on the results of teams around them.

Most supporters in the Seaton club believed England would win or at least draw against Uruguay in Sao Paulo.

Alan Hudson, 49, whose family run a gift shop in Seaton Carew, thinks it is now all over for England.

He said: “I thought we were too sluggish to start with, we have to play at a higher tempo.

“I think it is over now. To be fair, I wouldn’t want us to go any further by default or a raffle if it came down to it.

“I was expecting us to win just like I thought they would against Italy.

“I was pleased for Wayne Rooney to get his first World Cup goal as I thought a lot of the criticism he got was unfair.”

Alan’s 16-year-old daughter Gabby, added: “They weren’t very good.

“They just didn’t play well as a team.

“I’m quite gutted because it means we can’t have any more parties.

“I will watch the last game but I won’t be too bothered about it.

“Luis Suarez was the best player tonight.”

Mark Loynes, 35, a plumber of Ripon Close, Seaton, was also expecting an England victory.

“I’m devastated,” he said after the final whistle.

“It just wasn’t meant to be.

“I support England and Hartlepool United so what more can we expect but disappointment.

“Luis Suarez was the difference by a mile.”

And Gav Jewson, 37, of Seaton Carew, said: “I thought we were good going forward but our defence was suspect.

“I know mathematically it is still possible for us to go through but I’m also a realist.”

But the result was predicted.

One pundit that correctly went for a Uruguay win was our predictor World Cup Woolly, who lives at Tweddle Farm, in Blackhall.

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