Hartlepool traffic flow altered in bid to ease congestion – see a video of the changes

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TRANSPORT chiefs say changes to a series of junctions and traffic signals are helping to ease congestion problems.

Hartlepool Borough Council is aiming to improve the flow of traffic through Hartlepool town centre and reduce delays with the changes which have come into affect in recent days.

The changes involve the junctions at York Road and Park Road, York Road and Victoria Road and the A689 and Huckelhoven Way.

Senior officers in the transport department say the current junction arrangements were first introduced a number of years ago and traffic volumes have increased since then.

That has led to congestion and queues of traffic at peak times so the aim is to have a better flow of cars and other vehicles around the town centre.

The changes include:

• York Road/Park Road junction.

For traffic travelling west along Park Road, re-allocating the left hand lane for vehicles turning left into York Road and the right hand lane for vehicles travelling straight on.

Allowing vehicles travelling east on Park Road to turn left into York Road.

• York Road/Victoria Road.

Allowing traffic travelling east along Victoria Road to turn right into York Road.

• A689/Huckelhoven Way junction.

Changing the sequence of the traffic lights at this junction which currently operate on separate northbound and southbound phases on the A689 so that both phases run at the same time.

There will be a right turn phase for both northbound and southbound vehicles following this.

A council spokesman said: “The changes at these key town centre junctions are designed to improve traffic flow and ease congestion.

“The changes are now complete after the sequence of the traffic lights at the A689/Huckelhoven Way/Park Road junction was altered on Sunday.

“The improvements appear to be working well and we would like to thank motorists for their patience and co-operation.”

The Mail has taken video footage of the A689/Huckelhoven Way junction improvements, to highlight the changes.

Peter Frost, the council’s highways, traffic and transport team leader, had previously said: “The current junction arrangements were introduced a number of years ago and traffic volumes have increased since then, leading to congestion and queues of traffic at times.

“We believe all of these proposals will help to encourage a better flow of traffic around the town centre and lead to shorter queues at some junctions.”

Signs about the changes are in place.




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