Hot ashes from a wood burner started fire that damaged windows of a house in Hartlepool

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ASHES from a garden wood burner set fire to a wheelie bin which went on to cause damage to the back of a house.

Two engines from Stranton Fire Station were called to the blaze at a property in Arncliffe Gardens, Hartlepool.

A woman from the house had tipped some ashes from a garden wood burner onto some soil next to a wheelie bin, thinking they were cooled.

But fire crews say the cinders must have still been hot because a fire started which spread to a wheelie bin.

The heat from the blaze then damaged a fence, guttering, and cracked four windows at the back of the house, including some patio doors.

Crews extinguished the flames in about 10 minutes, at 8.45am on Saturday.

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