It’s almost Spring! – Snowdrops bloom as mild weather arrives in Hartlepool and East Durham

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SPRING seems to be on its way with the flowering of a blanket of pretty white flowers in a village beauty spot.

The milder weather has brought out hundreds of snowdrops in the grounds of The Hospital Of God, in Greatham Village, Hartlepool.

Met Office experts say todays temperatures should reach 10c with blue skies and bright sunshine expected for most of the day but clouds appearing in the later afternoon.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast is predicted to be bright but cloudy, with thermometers hitting 8c.

Winds of 17mph, with gusts of 29mph, will make it feel chillier though.

Rain is expected tomorrow night, which is expected to carry on into Thursday, which is predicted to bring a mixed bag of cloud, sunshine and showers.

Thursdays temperatures should reach 8c but the 31mph gusts of wind will see us reaching for our thicker coats, hats and scarves.

Friday is thought to be dry but cloudy with highs of 7c.

The fine weather at the weekend saw dozens of people turn out for the picturesque annual Snowdrop Walk event in aid of Greatham in Bloom as part of a long-running tradition.

Visitors usually include people from as far away as York and Northumberland.




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