Mrs Dove needs urgent help to find beloved budgie Sparky who flew from her Hartlepool home

Winnie Dove nezxt to her budgie cage

Winnie Dove nezxt to her budgie cage

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A PENSIONER is appealing for urgent help in tracing her beloved budgie who is missing from home.

Winifred Dove’s prized pet Sparky flew out of the back door of her home in Tredegar Walk, Hartlepool, last Wednesday and hasn’t been seen since.

Winnie Dove

Winnie Dove

Sparky is green and yellow with white markings and his owner is becoming increasingly worried.

Mrs Dove has had Sparky for 10-months but the back door was always shut on the occasions sparky did fly around the room. Unfortunately the back door was also left open last week.

Mrs Dove, 82, said: “The cage door is always open but he didn’t fly about too much. He came out last Wednesday though and must have flown out the back door.

“I haven’t seen him since and am really worried. I’ve asked the neighbours to keep an eye out.”

Anyone with information should call Mrs Dove on (01429) 272653.

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