Mum injured after being thrown from horse becomes award-winning sports star

IN SADDLE: Linda Kendrick who is riding again after being thrown from a horse

IN SADDLE: Linda Kendrick who is riding again after being thrown from a horse

A WOMAN who suffered serious injuries after being thrown from her horse has fought back to become an award-winning sports star.

Hartlepool woman Linda Kendrick, 42, was left with a broken collar bone and it was only thanks to her six-year-old daughter Rose that the alarm was raised.

Rose jumped from her own pony and sprinted back through fields near Hart Village to raise the alarm at Hart Moor Farm where she and mum Linda Kendrick had set off from.

That was almost two years ago, in September 2012, and Linda has needed physiotherapy treatment ever since.

But now she is back in the saddle and winning dressage awards and she has hailed her “superstar” daughter for helping her to success.

She said: “I could not achieved what I have without my rocks – my mam Norma Kendrick, my partner James French and of course my little superstar daughter Rose.

“And with the help and support from everyone at Hart Moor Farm, I have gone from strength to strength.

“We have both had a successful year with myself winning Mill House Riding Centre dressage and Rose gaining rosettes in all her shows from dressage to show jumping.”

The accident drama unfolded when Linda’s horse Cheese stumbled on a bridle path and threw her to the ground.

With the then 41-year-old left in agony, Rose raced back to Hart Moor Farm.

After running for about 20 minutes, breathless Rose found two teenagers at the farm, before racing back to be by the side of her badly injured mum.

One of the teens rang for paramedics who in turn scrambled the air ambulance to the scene. She has since recovered from her injuries and become an award-winner - with Cheese as the horse leading her to success.

Linda said: “We are often seen out and about around Hart hacking together, Rose stills says “are you ok mammy”. She is a fantastic daughter.”

And to say thank you to the air ambulance, Linda is now a regular fundraiser for the service.

She explained why she has returned to the pastime.

“People say I am mad but when horses are in your blood you just can’t give them up. Rose and I still enjoy our gallops up the same woods”.




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