See the cockpit of supersonic vehicle that could hit 1,000mph and make Hartlepool man the world’s fastest

BLOODHOUND driver Andy Green. Photograph by Stefan Marjoram

BLOODHOUND driver Andy Green. Photograph by Stefan Marjoram

TAKE a look at the cockpit for the supersonic vehicle that could become the world’s first 1,000mph car - with a former Hartlepool man at the wheel.

Bloodhound driver Andy Green, 51, is hoping to break the world land speed record with the £10m rocket-powered car.

The carbon fibre cockpit has been tailored to the needs of Wing Commander Green, who is an RAF fighter pilot and who grew up in town when his dad Tony served as the town’s chief fire officer,

Andy, 51, said: “It is a fantastic piece of technology and it needs to be phenomenally strong to take the load and thrust from 210 kilonewtons and 130,000 horsepower of engine thrust from the back of the car and to take the aerodynamic load of up to 12 tonnes per metre.”

During a 1,000mph run, Bloodhound will cover 12 miles in two minutes, exerting an acceleration force of almost 2G and peak deceleration force of 3G on Andy.

He said: “All of this technology will give me the most extraordinary working environment with which to get Bloodhound up to 1,000mph and also the highest level of protection we can possibly get.”

The Bloodhound team will try to break the 1,000mph barrier in the South African desert in 2015 and 2016.




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