VIDEO: Hartlepool mayor’s trip down memory lane as he visits Warrior in Portsmouth

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IT was a trip down memory lane for the mayor of Hartlepool when he visited a historic ship in Portsmouth.

He last went aboard HMS Warrior in 1985 as a six-year-old, when she was restored in the town.

Now 29 years on, Hartlepool mayor, Coun Stephen Akers-Belcher was in Portsmouth to learn about how to successfully promote regeneration and tourism.

He was given a tour of the Victorian ship before seeing HMS Victory and the Mary Rose Museum.

But it was HMS Warrior which convinced the mayor to make the five-hour journey to the south coast.

He said: “One of the things we recognise is that Hartlepool borough needs to look outwards and learn from other people who are successful both in the tourist industry and also regeneration.

“I was pleased that I was able to visit Portsmouth and HMS Warrior because it has a lot of important history with Hartlepool.

“It was restored there and left in 1986 to be based in Portsmouth and there are a lot of people who are quite passionate about the Warrior, like myself.

“I care very deeply about it being a young person growing up in Hartlepool seeing it being fantastically restored to how it is today.

“So we decided to visit to have a look around and see the progress that has been made.

“It was brilliant to have a look around and it is a fantastic feeling to see it again.

“I like the top decks and I enjoyed seeing the regeneration process.”




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