Work to protect Seaton Carew from rising sea levels is nearing completion

Work at Seaton Carew beach earlier during the defence improvement scheme

Work at Seaton Carew beach earlier during the defence improvement scheme

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WORK to protect Seaton Carew from rising sea levels and wild weather are nearing completion.

Hartlepool Borough Council has been carrying out work for over a year months as part of a multi-million pound scheme to combat coastal erosion and flooding.

Work began back in September 2012 to strengthen the sea defences along a 700-metre stretch of coastline from the Station Lane access ramp to Seaton coach park.

The first phase of the work took around two months and involved excavating beach sand up to 15 feet and replacing it with a stone platform buried underneath the beach.

The stone foundation was allowed to settle over the winter and then in the late spring last year construction work started on the sea wall itself.

A concrete-clad sea wall has been built to the same height as the existing sea well, and the promenade has been widened.

Sizeable sections of the beach have been out of bounds to the public while the work was

It is now nearing completion.

Kieran Bostock, the council’s senior engineer, said: “We are coming up to completion and should be done in around the next four weeks.

“The work has been really successful and we have had no major problems on site and everything has gone as planned.

“It has been done to protect Seaton from coastal erosion and this should provide protection to properties, shops and Northumbria Water’s sewerage works for the next 100 years.

“There is potential for future works in the North Gare area but that won’t be for some years to come.”

The total cost of the scheme is around £4.3 million, with the Environment Agency paying the lion share of £3.5 million.

The other £800,000 is coming from the council and Northumbrian Water.

The work is part of council efforts to improve defences along the whole of Hartlepool’s northern coastline, from Newburn Bridge to County Durham.

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