Love-rat conman ‘too ill’ for court

Adam Lloyd-Harris
Adam Lloyd-Harris

A LOVE-RAT who twice avoided capture by conning police with fake ailments claimed to be too ill to attend his court appearance yesterday.

Fraudster Adam Lloyd-Harris was wanted on a warrant issued last year after he failed to turn up to be sentenced over a £20,000 scam.

The 32-year-old had wooed Janine Munroe with gifts, holidays and flowers he had paid for while helping himself to cash from her savings account.

Lloyd-Harris has since been captured twice, but convinced police in Nottingham both times he had kidney failure and was let go.

During a court hearing last week it was revealed he does not have kidney failure.

A third warrant was issued and he was arrested in Nottingham last Friday.

Lloyd-Harris, formerly of Peterlee, was due to appear at Newcastle Crown Court yesterday, but during the hearing prosecutor John Brennan told the court he has claimed to be too ill to make the trip.

He is currently still being held in Nottingham.

Mr Brennan said: “A message has been received to say he was too unwell to travel.

“I believe the diagnosis today is kidney stones.”

Judge James Goss QC adjourned the case and ordered a medical report into Lloyd-Harris’ condition.

The judge said: “I direct a medical report be obtained from Nottingham Prison as to the current condition of the defendant.

“On receipt of that report I will give directions as to the further listing of this case.”