Lucky couple to buy first home and enjoy mega shopping trip after £100k scratchcard win

WINNERS: Billingham couple Kimberleigh Aby, aged 26, and her husband, Dean aged 28.

WINNERS: Billingham couple Kimberleigh Aby, aged 26, and her husband, Dean aged 28.

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A HAPPY young couple plan to buy their first home and then go on a mega shopping trip after they scooped £100,000 on a scratchcard.

Kimberleigh Aby, 26 and her husband Dean, 28, only went into a Tesco store to buy some pick ‘n’ mix as they planned to have a night in watching a DVD.

Dean bought a EuroMillions ticket so Kimberleigh asked him to buy her a £2 Monopoly scratchcard at the same time from the store on the Leeholme estate, in Billingham. And the couple looked on in disbelief as Kimberleigh scratched off the symbols to find they’d won the life changing amount of money.

“I kept re-reading the rules as I was convinced I’d made a mistake,” said Kimberleigh, the manager of Barnacles Fish and Chip shop, in Yarm.

“I was still in total disbelief when Dean grabbed the card and ran back in the store to check if I’d won. While Dean was in the store I called my mum and still in complete disbelief explained that I thought I’d won £100,000. Shortly afterwards, Dean arrived back with a huge grin on his face shouting ‘It’s a winner, it’s a winner’.”

The couple, from Billingham, who have a young daughter, tied the knot last year and have put buying the house they currently rent from Kimberleigh’s parents at the top of their shopping list.

Kimberleigh said: “The win is truly life-changing for us, as it means security for life. We’ll not only be mortgage free, but can comfortable pay all our bills and still have money left over each month. At 26 years old I never thought I’d be able to say that.”