Man faces 28 sex charges

Sean Johnstone
Sean Johnstone

A MAN has gone on trial accused of a string of sex crimes against women – one of which allegedly involved his pet rottweiler.

Sean Johnstone appeared at Teesside Crown Court where the jury in his case was warned that they would be told “unusually unpleasant” details of his alleged crimes.

The court heard police had found sexual pictures involving a horse and pigs on his computers during their investigations of the case.

He faces a total of 28 charges of rape, indecent assault and making and possessing indecent images of children and extreme pornography.

The jury was told Johnstone either denies the sex attacks took place or claims they were with the consent of the complainants.

He told police in a series of interviews that he had no idea how pornography got onto his computers.

Prosecutor David Brooke described Johnstone, 42, as a “manipulative bully” with “perverted sexual desires” during his opening to the jury.

He told the panel of six men and six women: “It is important you deal with this case in a clinical way and without emotion. Some of these things, frankly, will disgust you.

“It’s right to warn you that even by the standards of the crown court, which is used to dealing with nasty things, this is an unusually unpleasant case.”

The jury was yesterday shown some of the 350-plus images found on Johnstone’s computers and heard from one of his alleged victims.

She claimed that she was locked in a house, beaten, raped and sexually abused by the defendant, who also uses the name Sean Goth.

One accuser claims Johnstone tried to force her to strip naked in front of a camera for a seedy internet chat-room which he used.

When she refused, she told police, he “went schizo” and started punching her, called her a derogatory name and raped her.

Johnstone, of Wharton Terrace, Hartlepool, denies all the charges.

The trial continues.