Man found dead in Hartlepool flat with head injuries – cause remains a mystery

Coroner Malcolm Donnelly
Coroner Malcolm Donnelly

AN epilepsy sufferer was found dead in his flat almost a week after he was last seen, an inquest heard.

Tragic Michael Reddick, 34, died after suffering a suspected bang to his head over Christmas.

An inquest at Hartlepool Coroner’s Court heard that Michael, known as Timmy, was last seen by flatmates on Christmas Eve last year.

His body was found his home in Grange Road, Hartlepool, on December 30.

The inquest heard Mr Reddick, who was also known to be a heavy drinker, had most probably suffered a recent bang to his head but what caused that remains a mystery.

Hartlepool coroner Malcolm Donnelly said: “He was last seen on December 24 last year and wasn’t seen again until he was found deceased on December 30 in his flat.

“It was fairly clear from the circumstances he had been there for a while.”

He was due to attend his friend’s dad’s house for Christmas dinner the next day but add not show up and also at a relatives on Boxing Day.

Mr Donnelly added: “This tells us the event was on Christmas Eve in all probability.”
Police attended Mr Reddick’s flat on December 30 after the alarm was raised.

He is body was found on the sofa and paramedics declared him dead at the scene.

Police carried out an investigation and found no suspicious circumstances or any signs of a struggle.

All of Mr Reddick’s personal belongings remained in tact in the flat.

A post mortem examination found alcohol or drugs did not play a part in his death.

But a one-inch bruise was found between the skull and brain believed to have been from a recent blow to the head.

Mr Donnelly said: “He might have had a fit and fell in his flat, we don’t know.

“It might have been a temporary absence and that he went to sleep on the sofa and did not wake up.”

Verdict: Accident.