Meet “miracle man” John

Spiritual healer John Beckenkreger.
Spiritual healer John Beckenkreger.

A PENSIONER claims to have healed dozens of people’s health problems with help from the spirit world.

John Beckenkreger has been dubbed a “miracle worker” by Paul Randle after he cured him of a six-year-old football injury that left him walking with a limp and prevented him getting up and downstairs unaided as well as numerous other problems.

Paul Randle with John Beckenkreger

Paul Randle with John Beckenkreger

John, whose wife Pat died from breast cancer aged 77 in January, said he has helped many others, including a Scottish woman whose sight he restored after she suffered a fractured eye socket in a domestic violence incident.

John, a medium who claims he has helped more than 50 people with various ailments since discovering his “gift” 18 years ago, said he and Pat had also helped a young disabled boy from Billingham to walk after healing him at Lourdes, in France.

He said: “I don’t charge because it is a gift.

“If they want to donate to Hartlepool & District Hospice instead, that is up to them.

“I say ‘if you don’t believe it, that’s up to you, just put your hand in mine’.”

Amateur footballer Paul says 79-year-old John succeeded where medical tests and MRI scans had failed and he now has full use of his right leg and leads an active life again.

The pair met while John was on holiday at the Tasia Maris resort in Cyprus, in May, and Paul had heard how John helped to treat a hotel worker for stress, simply by placing his hands around his “aura”.

Paul, a 33-year-old support worker from Mansfield, in Nottinghamshire, said he had nothing to lose after shelling out £800 for previous treatments and gave spiritual healing from John a try.

He told the Hartlepool Mail: “It’s like I have two new legs, it really is.

“I don’t know about a miracle, but something had taken place.

“John put me to sleep and put his hand on my knees and he moved my knee back into place.”

John has a file full of testimonial letters at his home in Seaton Carew from people who he helped with various health problems, from back pain to stress.

John, a retired joiner, gave spiritual healing to a Hartlepool woman on the flight out to Cyprus.

He said the woman had osteo-arthritis in her thumb and just by holding her hand for 15 minutes, he got rid of the pain.

He also gave various hotel staff healing for numerous ailments, including the manager’s neck pain and a waiter’s bad back and by the end of his two-week holiday he was inundated with requests for healing.

John, who also channels messages from spirits and draws them, said his son, also John, first got into spirtualism after being plagued with arthritis and he in turn started giving Pat healing for her own arthritis.

John, who is also dad to Stephen and David and a grandfather-of-five, attends spiritualist churches in Hartlepool’s Avenue Road and Norton and Billingham.