‘Monster’ broke sister’s jaw

Dean Smettem
Dean Smettem

THE angry family of a teenage tearaway have labelled him a “monster” after he broke his younger sister’s jaw.

Dean Smettem, 19, “flipped” when he was told his girlfriend could not stay over at his parents’ house.

He punched his 41-year-old stepdad Brian Smettem 10 times before turning on his 17-year-old sister, Jade Moore.

His two blows cracked her jawbone and cut her head, leaving her facing an agonising three-month recovery during which she could not chew food and was in constant pain.

The thug was locked up for 18 months for the attacks on June 27 when he appeared at Teesside Crown Court.

Jade’s mum, Amanda Smettem, 41, from Moffat Road, Hartlepool, said: “How can you do that to your sister?

“He is a tearaway. He’s turned into a monster.

“He used to be a lovely lad, but he has gone off the rails.

“We’ve disowned him now. He won’t be welcome back round here and that’s it as far as we’re concerned.”

Jade was taken by ambulance to the University Hospital of Hartlepool before being transferred to James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough.

She was kept in overnight and left at 7am when medics decided that an operation was not needed and the bone would heal by itself.

But any movement of her jaw caused agonising pain while she waited for the bone to fuse back together and said she can still feel it “clicking” almost four months after it was broken.

Jade, who lives in Cornwall Street, Hartlepool, told the Mail: “He is not my brother any more.

“We were ok before and really close, but he just snapped. How can you trust someone after that?

“I hoped he would get a longer sentence because he deserved it.

“He has told other people he is sorry, but if he was he wouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

During the court hearing, David Crook, prosecuting, described how Smettem “flipped” and ran into the front room of his mum’s Moffat Road home, where he was staying at the time, and set upon Brian.

While the attack was happening, Smettem’s girlfriend left the house and was followed by Jade to see where she was going.

Mr Crook added: “He punched her twice to the left side of the face causing her jaw to fracture and a cut to the back of her head.”

Smettem pleaded guilty to common assault against his stepdad and grievous bodily harm against his sister.

Jim Withyman, mitigating, said Smettem was “a troubled young man” and had a difficult childhood.

He added: “He realises he’s entirely the author of his own misfortune, but with some alcohol awareness and calm reflection he hopes to avoid these situations in the future.”

Sentencing Smettem to 18 months in youth custody, Recorder Simon Bourne-Arton said: “You are going to have to go through life knowing you broke your sister’s jaw.

“That is a serious injury and it cannot be overlooked.”