MP calls for sports funding

AN MP has written to every headteacher in his constituency as he lobbies the Government about the question of future funding for school sports.

Easington MP Grahame Morris claims the Conservative-led Coalition Government is risking the Olympic legacy as they refuse to guarantee funding.

Last month Education Secretary Michael Gove was forced into a u-turn after a public outcry over his decision to scrap the 162m-a-year School Sports Partnership programme.

The Education Secretary instead found 65m spread over three years up until 2013.

But Mr Morris says on closer inspection it is now known this far smaller sum will not be ring-fenced for school sports.

The money will be given directly to headteachers to allocate as they see fit.

Without the guaranteed Schools Sports Partnership funding, thousands of children across the country could see their opportunity to participate in sport dramatically reduced, says Mr Morris.

The MP, on a recent visit to Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School in Shotton Colliery, saw the work of the School Sports Partnership.

He said: "The School Sports Partnership promotes healthy lifestyles and exercise for students. The Government's apparent u-turn has not solved any of the problems they had created by scrapping the School Sports Partnership.

"Without proper ring-fenced sports funding the coalition will squander our Olympic legacy by neglecting school sports."