MP takes missing Hartlepool girl case to PM

QUESTIONS: Richie Lee still doesn't know what happened to his daughter Katrice, inset.
QUESTIONS: Richie Lee still doesn't know what happened to his daughter Katrice, inset.

TOWN MP Iain Wright has taken Hartlepool’s Katrice Lee missing person case to the door of the Prime Minister.

MP Wright has written to David Cameron requesting a face-to-face meeting with Katrice’s father, Richie Lee, 64.

He wants Mr Cameron to discuss the long-running case with the family to see how it can be taken forward.

The move was made on the 33rd anniversary of Katrice’s disappearance, yesterday.

It was also her 35th birthday.

Mr Wright also asked questions in the House of Commons, demanding that the family be given access to the case files, and also for updates on where the Ministry of Defence and Royal Military Police investigation is at.

He said: “I have written to the Prime Minister saying that it is Katrice’s 35th birthday and the 33rd anniversary of her disappearance.

“I have asked him, what are you doing to make sure that all of Government is geared to helping this family.

“Mr Lee served this country in the Armed Forces for 34 years – not that that should make a difference – but he and the family need help with this.

“Mr Lee wants to meet with the Prime Minister so he can explain the case to him and hopefully get some more help. “

He added: “I asked parliamentary questions about how the ongoing investigation is progressing and can I be given anymore information on that.

“I also asked if the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Military Police can hand over the files to the family in relation to this case.

“Although it’s an ongoing investigation, I still think the family are in the best position to see if there are any gaps.”

Richie said he was grateful for Mr Wright’s input and said: “It just helps our case with Iain Wright being involved. At the end of the day I’m like any parent would be, I’m not going away.

“I’m trying to get answers and I will continue to do so.”

Katrice vanished from a Naafi store, in Paderborn, Germany, where Richie was serving as a Sergeant Major with the British Army, on her second birthday, November 28, 1981.

Katrice has never been found and Royal Military Police chiefs finally issued an apology to the family in 2012 after admitting a series of failings in the initial investigation.

Former postman Richie, from the Stockton Road, area of Hartlepool, remembered Katrice yesterday with support from his family and also took time out to visit his parents’ graves.

He said Katrice’s sister Natasha released balloons emblazoned with her sister’s face, in Fairham, Hampshire, where she now lives.