Mum and teen relive crash horror

Jake's mum Andrea looks on anxiously as paramedics tend to her son
Jake's mum Andrea looks on anxiously as paramedics tend to her son

A FRANTIC mum watches helplessly as paramedics treat her son as he fights for his life at the scene of a car smash.

Jack Wood, 16, and his mum, Andrea, relive the horror moment captured by a Hartlepool Mail photographer as the teen continues to make an amazing recovery.

Jack Wood at home with his mum Andrea

Jack Wood at home with his mum Andrea

Today he declared: “I am lucky to be alive.”

Jack was moments away from having his leg amputated after he was hit by a taxi in a freak accident as he made his way to school.

Nearly half of his liver was ruptured and bleeding, and the tibia and fibula in his left leg were completely smashed in the horror accident.

Today, as the brave youngster sits at home in his fight to make a full recovery, he admitted to the Mail: “The last thing I remember is getting out of the bath that morning.

“But from what everybody has told me, I am lucky to be alive.”

Jack can’t remember the moment his devastated family and friends gathered round him after the accident on Northgate, on the Headland, on March 12.

The St Hild’s C of E School student who lives in Frederic Street, Hartlepool, with mum, Andrea, 38, and dad, Jeff, 52, admits he can’t even remember waking up in hospital.

But heartbroken Andrea is still haunted by the accident.

She says she is so thankful her son survived the smash – but still cries herself to sleep at night as she relives the horror of that Monday morning.

“There was definitely someone watching over him that day,” said Andrea, a senior support worker for adults with disabilities and learning difficulties.

“I’ve never felt so much pain in all my life as I did when I saw him laid there on the road.

“The doctors have told us how lucky he is to have survived.”

Jack was walking to get the school bus when he dropped a book on the side of the road. As he bent down to pick it up, he was hit by the taxi.

He was rushed to the University Hospital of North Tees, in Stockton, where as well as learning the extent of his leg injuries, medics discovered the rupture to his liver.

His leg required immediate surgery, but medics were unable to move him at all due to his injured liver.

His dad, Jeff, a personal assistant for adults with special needs, said doctors left leg surgery to the latest possibly opportunity. Had they waited any longer, it would have had to have been amputed.

Jack added: “I don’t remember anything from the accident.

“I can’t even remember when I woke up in hospital.

“I still feel quite confused about it all to be honest.”

Jack remained in hospital for 11 days after the accident before being allowed to go home, but his injuries leave him restricted to spending his days sitting on the sofa.

He hasn’t been able to go to school since the accident and isn’t due back for a check up on his leg injury for another six weeks – around the same time as his GCSE exams are about to start.

“It’s so frustrating,” he added.

“I think I’m going to give the exams a go and see what comes of it, but I’m not sure what the situation will be with school and what I’ll be allowed to do.”

Andrea thanked family and friends for their “incredible support” throughout the frightening ordeal and since the accident.

She also thanked the nurses at the University Hospital of North Tees, staff at St Hild’s C of E Secondary School and Jack’s girlfriend Vicky Fidgeon for their support.